Suzuka: Once and Always

Drako Colbert
Guiche Gramont Jr
This is Suzuka Hiraga's second story, picking up several months from where Voice from the Future left off.

Our new story begins with Suzuka's birth and the end of Omeggadon once and for all.

16 years later, we follow Suzuka de vi Hiraga as a young woman ready to fall in love. Will it be with Guiche Jr.? We also introduce two new main characters to the cast, Drako Colbert and Hermione. What does fate have in store for them?

But all's not glitters and gold for the future her original self managed to change into a happy one. Some dark presence lies within the walls of the Tristain Magic Academy, and Osmond believes it has something to do with the deceased Omeggadon. If it is, what is it?

This new story should be one of true magic!

Chapter list

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