Suzuka: Curse of Time

Guiche Gramont Jr
Drako Colbert
The third book in the series, it picks up almost right where Once and Always left off.

We pick up with a celebration of the latest victory against Omeggadon. Before long, Omeggadon's spirit curses his own daughter, Erlea, with a "Living Tattoo", for her treachery. Leaving no information on how to break the curse.

Meanwhile, Gallia erupts into Civil War, and Queen Tabitha/Charlotte, sensing Omeggadon's ghostly hand, calls upon the aide of Tristain, Albion, and Romalia. To make matters worse, a strange connection that nobody understands has been forged between Suzuka and Omeggadon. And to top it all, there may be a traitor in their midst.

But keeping the rebel faction, known as Hispania by its followers, at bay isn't the only reason she calls them, the new Void Mage of Gallia may have been discovered in Gallia's Southeastern Jungle.

What is the nature of the conection between Suzuka and Omeggadon? Who is the new Void User of Gallia? Is Omeggadon really involved in the Gallian Rebellion? Will Suzuka and her friends be able to keep the new Void User out of rebel hands and restore peace? Will the traitor, if there is one, be unmasked? And will Erlea be able to lift her fathers curse?

This third entry to Suzuka's story will hold the answers.

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