The first series of The Story of Miyu: An Unforgettable Tale of a Princess. Miyuki transfered from Republicia Magical Academy to the Tristanian Academy of Magic. She is very cold and harsh to others and seems to have a dark personality all over her. But she has many secrets about her. Many secrets that she cannot share to her friends and classmates. Those secrets could be exposed in any minute but she manages to keep them hidden anyway. In this story, Miyuki keeps her secrets a secret and tries to blend in with the students ot the Tristanian Academy of Magic.

Main Characters



  1. Princess Miyu
  2. Louise de La Vallière
  3. Saito Hiraga
  4. Julio Chesaré


  1. Henrietta
  2. Agnes


  1. Koli
  2. Yami


  1. Chapter 1
  2. Chapter 2

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