Clive Miller is a Colonel of US Army. He has been transported to Halkeginia by a magic portal while he patrol in Afghanistan.

Colonel Clive Miller



Birth date

14th November 1965




US Army Colonel, Knight, Magician

Living place

United States, Tristain


Before Halkeginia :

Clive Thomas Miller was born in the town of Atlanta, Georgia. His dad, Thomas Miller, was a member of the 101st airbone during the Vietnam war but he died during a ambush in 1968, Clive just got 3 year old.

In 1985, Clive joined the US Army. He has been promoted lieutenant just before the Gulf War, in 1990.

In 2000, he has been promoted Colonel.

In 2009, he saved a Iraqi child from a crazy soldier, he was going ro kill him.

Halkeginia :

In the February 25th 2011 , Miller and his unit, a small detachment of the 3rd Infantery Division, has been transported by a Magic Portal created by Louise. Miller has lost contact with his soldiers when he's "landed" in Tristain.

After many hours of walking, Miller arrived in a small village. Suddenly, a wild dragon attacked the village, not hesitate, Miller fires with his AT4 Rocket Launcher and take down the dragon.


Clive has blue eyes and blond short hair.He's 1m86 tall. He's wearing a combat gear with a helmet, a assault vest, a holster and a bag. 


In the US Amy, Miller was a respected officer because he's a Gulf war veteran. When he was landed in Halkeginia, Miller was considered like a evil magician or a demon because he used his AT4 to kill dragons and save villager.

He's hate Louise. He called her "stupid girl".

Weapon used

  • M9 Beretta
  • Colt M4A1 Carbine also known as the "Boomstick"
  • AT4 Rocket launcher
  • M2 Browning

Vehicles used

  • Humvee


  • Miller the Magician
  • "Guile"
  • The man dressed in beige
  • Colonel

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