Chapter 1 : Allies .

Not long after the horrible events Suzuka made a promise to his friend .

I will become more stronger . Suzuka said .

But how , we have no hope to stop the evil . Guiche asked .

I heard about a wise who known about my father more than everyone . - Suzuka riplied .

And you know where you find this wise ? Guiche asked .

My father told me sometimes , if the time comes i must go to the west mountains . - Suzuka replied .

You will be alone . said Guiche .

Maybe but this is our last chance to save our future . said Suzuka .

Good luck . said Guiche

Two days have been passed since Suzuka left the academy ang went to find the wise .

On the half of her way she meet a boy named Brian who survived the last attack of the skeleton army .

Who are you ? asked Suzuka .

I am Brian and you ? asked Brian .

I am Suzuka and anyway what happened to you ? asked Suzuka .

The scaletons destroyed my hometown , everyone died the just I am the only survivor . Brian replied .

Oh my parents killed by them too and I want to find the wise of the mountains . - said Suzuka .

Let me help you . said Brian .

Okay said Suzuka .

Three long and hard days after their meet Brian and Suzuka find the mountains at late at night .

We must rest . said Brian

Finnally we are here . said Suzuka

Tmoroww we will climb up there . said Brian

Hey it is your sword ? asked Brian

It was my father 's sword but he gave to me . Suzuka replied

Can i ask something ? - asked Brian

Yes said Suzuka

Why are you fighting for ? asked Brien .

Well i fighting for to save the future of this world . Suzuka replied .

Imean said Brian .

Sleep a bit you were need your powers tomorrow . - said Suzuka

You are right . said Brian .

The next day the two teenager climb up the top of the mountains and they find the wise who looked suprise at them .

What do you want young children ? asked the middle -aged man .

Exuse us, but we are looking after you . said Suzuka

What is your name ? asked the man .

I am Suzuka Hiraga and he is my new ally Brian . Suzuka replied .

So you told that you are a Hiraga right asked the man

Yes sir Suzuka replied

You reminds me to your father Saito . said the man .

My father told me about you many times but he died not long ago in a battle . - said Suzuka

And you come to learn from me but i warn you if you want to use same new powers you must learn how to control them . - said the man .

I understood . said Suzuka

Chapter 2 : Combined powers .

I am Shion the wise who helped your parents in the battle against king Joseph long ago . said the man .

Well master Shion teach me everything you know . said Suzuka .

All right but you won 't train alone becose your partner will help you during the training . said Shion

Good said Brian

First of all as you know the wand what you use the weapon of a mage but not this the only one . said master Shion

I do not understand . said Suzuka .

Oh yes when your parents were young and Oliver Cromwell reborned prince Wales , Queen Henrietta tried to stop the rescue teams with the ice burrow spell . Fortunately your father used his saying power to destroy the blocks . And when he stood before an army he used his soul reaper powers . His sword Delfringer can abosb magic power but his other ability is that he can change into zanpakto mode . said master Shion .

Wow your father was amazing Suzuka . said Brian

And you can tell me about more other abilities ? asked Suzuka

Yes like fullbring this is a similar technique of wizards who can use hollow masks . master Shion replied .

Let ' s start the training . said Suzuka .

Werry well . said master Shion .

After seven long mounths Suzuka and Brian finished their training and went back to the academy .

Chapter 3 : Memories of the past .

When they returned to the academy everyone was happy but they knew this not will be forever .

So you did it Suzuka ? asked Guiche .

Yeah . - said Suzuka .

And the new guy ? asked Guiche

Oh yes Brian is the only survivor of the nearly village , the skeletons destroyed that villige . Suzuka replied .

I see said Guiche

Listen I am going to rest a little okay . said Suzuka .

All right . - said Guiche

Seven month passed since our training and now she is planing something i feel . said Brian

I know her from our childhood and i never saw her so serious than now said Guiche

She trained hard and every single time she not gave up . said Brian

I see , so she truly wants our parents back . said Guiche .

Meanwhile in Suzuka 's room she was happy and sad at once because she surpassed her parents and they not saw it . She went to sleep early but she can't sleep because of her nightmares . So many memories are flashed up from her childhood and her present live .

I wanted to save the world from darkness when I went back to the past but I made everything worse then was . My parents are died here because I revealed myself to Siesta and yet my parents are alive in the past .

But then two ghosts appeared before her .